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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Kasganj Pincode / Post Office Search (ETAH, Uttar Pradesh)

Abhaipura B.O 207241KasganjUttar Pradesh
Achalpur B.O 207125KasganjUttar Pradesh
Amanpur S.O 207241KasganjUttar Pradesh
Amirasa B.O 207245KasganjUttar Pradesh
Arjunpur Nauabad B.O 207241KasganjUttar Pradesh
Badria B.O 207001KasganjUttar Pradesh
Bahadurpur B.O 207401KasganjUttar Pradesh
Barahdwari S.O 207123KasganjUttar Pradesh
Baznagar B.O 207402KasganjUttar Pradesh
Behta B.O 207123KasganjUttar Pradesh
Beri B.O 207401KasganjUttar Pradesh
Bilram S.O 207124KasganjUttar Pradesh
Devri Prahlad Pur B.O 207001KasganjUttar Pradesh
Dholna B.O 207001KasganjUttar Pradesh
Faroli B.O 207245KasganjUttar Pradesh
Ganga Garh B.O 207001KasganjUttar Pradesh
Gaupura B.O 207402KasganjUttar Pradesh
Gorha B.O 207123KasganjUttar Pradesh
Goyati B.O 207403KasganjUttar Pradesh
Harsena B.O 207124KasganjUttar Pradesh
Jahangirpur B.O 207245KasganjUttar Pradesh
Jakhera B.O 207124KasganjUttar Pradesh
Kachhela B.O 207245KasganjUttar Pradesh
Kadarwadi B.O 207403KasganjUttar Pradesh
Kanar Kheraa B.O 207401KasganjUttar Pradesh
Karsana B.O 207241KasganjUttar Pradesh
Kasganj RS S.O 207123KasganjUttar Pradesh
Kasganj S.O 207123KasganjUttar Pradesh
Kayampur Baheria B.O 207123KasganjUttar Pradesh
Khairpur B.O 207403KasganjUttar Pradesh
Khojpur B.O 207245KasganjUttar Pradesh
Kinawa B.O 207001KasganjUttar Pradesh
Kisarauli B.O 207124KasganjUttar Pradesh
Kudhar B.O 207124KasganjUttar Pradesh
Kumraua B.O 207124KasganjUttar Pradesh
Kutukpur Kaseri B.O 207401KasganjUttar Pradesh
Mahawar B.O 207124KasganjUttar Pradesh
Mahdva B.O 207123KasganjUttar Pradesh
Malikpur B.O 207403KasganjUttar Pradesh
Mehmood Pur Pukhata B.O 207403KasganjUttar Pradesh
Mehni Sora B.O 207401KasganjUttar Pradesh
Mihari B.O 207123KasganjUttar Pradesh
Mohani Mamoorganj B.O 207401KasganjUttar Pradesh
Mubarik Pur Mafi B.O 207124KasganjUttar Pradesh
Myasur B.O 207245KasganjUttar Pradesh
Nadarmai B.O 207241KasganjUttar Pradesh
Nadrai B.O 207001KasganjUttar Pradesh
Nagla Katila B.O 207123KasganjUttar Pradesh
Nameni B.O 207124KasganjUttar Pradesh
Nawab Ganj B.O 207001KasganjUttar Pradesh
Neoli S.O 207402KasganjUttar Pradesh
Pachgain B.O 207124KasganjUttar Pradesh
Partappur B.O 207241KasganjUttar Pradesh
Pathreki B.O 207123KasganjUttar Pradesh
Pidora B.O 207401KasganjUttar Pradesh
Piwari B.O 207401KasganjUttar Pradesh
Rekhpur B.O 207123KasganjUttar Pradesh
Roshan Nagar B.O 207402KasganjUttar Pradesh
Salai B.O 207123KasganjUttar Pradesh
Salempur Bebe B.O 207403KasganjUttar Pradesh
Salempur Pironda B.O 207401KasganjUttar Pradesh
Samaspur Dengri B.O 207241KasganjUttar Pradesh
Sarsai Narau B.O 207241KasganjUttar Pradesh
Sirawali B.O 207403KasganjUttar Pradesh
Soron S.O 207403KasganjUttar Pradesh
Sujrai B.O 207241KasganjUttar Pradesh
Tharachithara B.O 207241KasganjUttar Pradesh
Tilsai B.O 207123KasganjUttar Pradesh
Tirlokpur B.O 207401KasganjUttar Pradesh
Virahampuri B.O 207403KasganjUttar Pradesh
Wazirpur B.O 207001KasganjUttar Pradesh
Yakootganj B.O 207245KasganjUttar Pradesh

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